ROBERT FLEISCHMAN To Release New Solo Album In March; Audio Samples Online

Rock Hard

Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 16:12:40 EST

ROBERT FLEISCHMAN (ex-JOURNEY, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION) is set to release his new solo album, Look At The Dream, through Spirt Box Music in March. The album will be up at iTunes in February.

A note at Robert's MySpace page reads: "On his latest solo album, Look At The Dream, Fleischman seems to have found that balance between commercial success and artistic self-interest.

Robert explains. “If you can make a record that satisfies your creative muse, the industry and the public, you have achieved something special.”

That is what Fleischman has done on Look At The Dream. The title track, which is also the first single off the album, bridges that balance perfectly with a commercially pop-oriented melody blended with personal, introspective lyrics. The CD’s opening track 'Come Alive' is a powerful rock track that also showcases Robert’s haunting vocal abilities. He rocks hard on 'Temptation', conjures up catchy hooks on 'When You’re Not Around' and then reverts to a lyrically driven ballad like 'Déjà Vu', still making them belong on the same album. The thread that creates the cohesive quality of the album is Robert Fleischman’s talent.

Fleischman reveals “It was time for me to put myself out there as an artist once again.”

Look At The Dream takes Robert Fleischman’s years of experience and broad range of talent and puts him out there among the elite storytellers and vocalists of pop music."

Head over to Robert's here page to listen to sample from the upcoming release.