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Robert Fleischman, former lead singer of Journey and The Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Robert Fleischman was born in Los Angeles, raised in Torrance California, and has enjoyed tremendous success as a vocalist, songwriter and performer during his career. Robert exploded onto the booming California music scene in the late 1970’s when he joined a San Francisco band, looking to make the transformation from rock-fusion to a more radio friendly, commercial rock sound. That band was Journey!



Robert Fleischman's newest solo album, "Emotional Atlas," coming out Spring 2024!



This band, Journey, would go on to become one of the most successful rock bands in the history of music. Robert, the original lead vocalist, wrote and performed with Journey for just under a year. Due to a conflict of interest with management, vocalist Steve Perry was hired; continuing the sound that Fleischman was instrumental in helping the band establish.

With the triple platinum success of Journey’s Infinity album on which Robert’s songs are prominently featured, the name Robert Fleischman had quickly become synonymous with hit songwriting. His most noteworthy contributions to the band were, "Wheel in the Sky", "Anytime", and "Winds of March". In January of 2005, when Journey received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they insisted on including Robert in the honor.

Later, Robert signed a deal with Arista Records and recorded his first solo album with Jimmy Iovine, Perfect Stranger (1979), which included former Journey band mate Neal Schon. A successful solo tour would follow the release of the album, including shows with Van Halen, Eddie Money, Boston, and Sammy Hagar.

In the early 1980’s, Robert formed the melodic rock band, Channel. The band was signed to Epic Records and they released their self-titled debut in 1984 to great critical success. Channel, however, was short lived because of a new opportunity that would soon be calling for Robert.

Robert Fleischman Singin with Journey


Robert next joined Vinnie Vincent, of KISS, and fellow band members Bobby Rock and Dana Strum to record Vinnie Vincent Invasion (Chrysalis) in 1986. The record featured Robert’s piercing vocals and Vincent’s wicked guitar playing and included the hit single "Boyz Are Gonna Rock".

Vinnie Vincent Invasion
Vinnie Vincent Invasion Album Cover
Solo Work


Over the next decade, Robert would greatly expand his involvement in the music industry as a staff songwriter for the prestigious Almo Irving Publishing and as a musical score composer for feature film and television projects.Although his career has been filled with success, Robert Fleischman has always felt more comfortable in the recording studio, flying under the radar while he quietly goes about his business as a songwriter and recording artist.


“I think of myself as a songwriter more than anything,” Fleischman admits, “and of course I like recording my own material.” “Every album I’ve done recently has been different than the others,” Robert explains, “and that is because I like to go in and record whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’m fortunate that my songwriting career has given me the freedom to do that.” From orchestral to pop to electronic, metal and A/C rock, Robert’s songwriting and vocal abilities transcend genres and stylings. He is a truly gifted singer and songwriter, and a musician’s musician. “For me, it’s all about the writing,” he said, “you can have the greatest singer and band, but what really matters is the songs.”

Robert Fleischman producing music for Emotional Atlas
The Sky


In early 2009, Fleischman announced the formation of a new band, The Sky, with whom he released the Majestic in 2014.

Logo for Robert Fleischman's Band, The Sky
Fine Art


Robert Fleischman Painting
Robert Fleischman Fine Art Collage
Card Game - Robert Fleischman Collage
Chess Queen  - Robert Fleischman Collage


Robert Fleischman with Neil Schon, Steve Perry, Journey Hollywood Walk of Fame

Journey gets its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Robert Fleischman and Steve Augeri from Journey, Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Robert Fleischman -  GraphisGoldAward, Poster Annual 2023


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